DDL Personnel - Our Key People

Paul Harding, Chairman

Paul has over 35 years' experience of legal documentation including 30 years' involvement with OTC derivatives. Since 1990 he has worked for Barclays Capital Securities Limited, Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. and Hill Samuel Bank Limited where he was Head of Treasury Documentation. He co-founded DDL in 1996.

Abigail Harding, Managing Director

Abigail joined DDL in June 2008 after 3 years at a large American investment bank. Since joining DDL she has worked on a number of in-house and outsourced assignments relating to GMRA, ISDA and CSA negotiation. In recent years her main area of expertise has been uncleared margin regulation including the negotiation of variation margin and initial margin collateral documentation. In 2011 she was appointed as DDL's Managing Director.

Alexandra Norton, Senior Manager

Alex joined DDL in January 2004 and is responsible for marketing, customer service and administration. She normally acts as the first point of contact with DDL as she is permanently based in our office.


DDL also has a team of experienced associates on whom it can call for specific contracts.

These associates are available to work in clients' offices on an exclusive basis during the relevant project.  They undertake contracts lasting a few days to several months and have excellent experience in our industry.

During projects they follow clients' policies and parameters rigorously. 

We also provide associates to cover holiday periods.

Everyone at DDL is target orientated and committed to providing a technically excellent service combined with a practical business approach.