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 Wednesday 02 December 2015

Derivatives Christmas Alphabet

Christmas is the time of year when we can get away from derivatives for one or two days but for those workaholics or worried company directors who can’t maybe this short seasonal song composed by DDL’s Chairman will persuade them!

C is for Compression - cuts the market down in size

H is Hedging strategy - I wish I’d been more wise.

R’s for Regulation that stalks me every day

I is for the ISDA that shows us all the way.

S is for the Strike price - to exercise is natural

T is for my Threshold – soon they’ll want collateral

M is for misspelling swaps - our bank’s to the fore

A is for assignments - we don’t want those swaps no more

S is for our Snowball deal that’s clearly no slam dunk

And that’s my Christmas alphabet

And I want to do a bunk!

© Paul C. Harding 2015

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