Mastering the ISDA Master Agreement 1992 and 2002 Third Edition

Mastering the ISDA Master Agreement (1992 and 2002) Third Edition

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Paul Harding, DDL's Chairman has co-written this authoritative, practical guide for ISDA® negotiators which is published by Financial Times-Prentice Hall now in its third edition.  

The book contains:-

  • A description of the main OTC derivatives products.
  • The evolution of ISDA® documentation since 1985.
  • A Section by Section analysis of both the 1992 and 2002 ISDA® Master Agreements with text on the left hand page and facing commentary on the right.
  • English and US legal issues relating to the ISDA® Master Agreement.
  • Credit issues relating to the ISDA® Master Agreement.
  • Operational issues relating to the ISDA® Master Agreement. 
  • A sample Schedule with facing page commentary and variants.
  • Sample provisions for Schedules for special counterparty types.
  • New developments in ISDA® Master Agreement documentation.

Differences and updates from 2nd Edition:-

  • 3rd Edition focuses on the newest version of the ISDA® Master Agreement (2002 Version)
  • Updated examples of wording throughout.
  • Section on the 'Credit Crunch'.
  • New section on Covered Bonds.
  • Expanded sections on Hedge Funds and Loan Linked ISDAs.

The book is useful not only for negotiators but also for lawyers, credit officers, corporate bankers, regulators, business students and for training purposes.

Review by course attendee of this book on Amazon: 'This is a fantastic guide to navigating one's way through the Master Agreement. The book is written in clear, concise language which makes it easy for novices to understand, whilst at the same time providing a great deal of information to a more seasoned negotiator. This book is an excellent follow on to the [public] course presented by the "Derivatives Documentation" team. I think this is an investment for ISDA Master Agreement negotiators.'

This book will be available to purchase through major booksellers.

To order this book on Amazon please click on the link below: Mastering the ISDA Master Agreements: A Practical Guide for Negotiation 3rd Edition