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This case concerns a European financial institution where DDL’s involvement lasted more than 18 months.

DDL was initially called in following a series of senior staff resignations in the institution’s negotiation unit which left a few inexperienced staff in charge.   DDL provided interim management of the unit, established clear case priorities and provided training to the inexperienced staff.

In due course a new manager was appointed whom DDL assisted in working on more complex cases.

Unfortunately this manager left after a few months and DDL resumed an interim management role but by that time more senior negotiators had been appointed and so our role was more advisory in nature.

Junior staff had also been appointed and DDL provided online training for them as well as in-house training on new documentation types to senior staff.  In addition, DDL provided some basic ISDA training for staff in some of the institution’s other offices.

During the 18 month period DDL also supplied temporary negotiators to the institution at busy times.

DDL provided these services both in the institution’s offices and offsite.

So this was a case where many of DDL’s services proved useful to a single client over an extended period of time.

As we offer a completely confidential service, our policy is not to disclose our clients by name. However, the case studies on this website indicate the range of institutions for whom we have worked.