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The brief:

Since 1997 DDL has conducted training of individuals on a paid basis. Such individuals (who have been lawyers and non lawyers) wished to enter the world of ISDA negotiation either as a first job or as a career change. One lawyer wished to practice derivatives law rather than their previous area of commercial law.

Much depends on the aptitude of the individuals receiving the training and the desperation of banks. Banks typically prefer to recruit experienced negotiators but often they are in short supply.

However, when banks must recruit, due to high work volumes and low staff, DDL has been able to place indivduals it has trained. Initially employers engaged them on temporary contracts which in many cases led to permanent employment.

The solution:

In order partly to address banks' preferences for experienced negotiators, DDL has also introduced its online training courses which provide a certificate with a mark for the practical negotiation exercise taken at the end of the course. This indicates a candidate's level of competence and may encourage some employers to give them a chance in a junior capacity. It also allows potential negotiators seeking a career change to find out if they have the aptitude for negotiation work.

However, the certificate does not have the status of a professional qualification and there can be no guarantee that it will help land a job. Nevertheless interviewees introduced to employers by DDL carry some credibility.

As we offer a completely confidential service, our policy is not to disclose our clients by name. However, the case studies on this website indicate the range of institutions for whom we have worked.