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The second edition of Paul Harding and Christian Johnson’s collateral management and documentation book was published on 9th December 2011. 

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The book was first published in 2002.  This second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and includes:

  • Clear, detailed and practical guidance on the ISDA Credit Support Annexes under English Law and New York Law.   
  • Commentary on the ISDA Credit Support Deed under English Law.
  • Collateral management from a European perspective.
  • Legal and credit issues relating to collateral.
  • Details on the implementation of the European Derivative on Financial Collateral Arrangements.
  • ISDA’s Best Collateral Practices (2010).
  • The latest position on ISDA’s Dispute Resolution Procedures
  • Industry initiatives on portfolio reconciliation rules.
  • A section on the Standardised CSA.