Online Training Course - Access, Price and Ordering

Access to courses

Courses are licensed to each user through a username and password.

The standard licence duration is four months for a long course and two months for a short course. The course and negotiation exercise, where applicable, need to be completed in that time. If not, the licence will expire and the user will no longer be able to access the course.

Most users are able to complete the course within the relevant licence period.  However, if necessary, a one month extension is available for an additional fee (see below).

Periodically, users will be reminded by email how long is left before the licence expires.

Licences are issued upon receipt of payment.

Key Technical Information

Our courses can be run on all modern browsers/devices but, unfortunately, older browsers such as Internet Explorer v9 or below are not supported.


Long courses cost GBP 475 (plus Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom) per user licence.

Short courses cost GBP 250 (plus Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom) per user licence.

With a large number of users in a single organisation, a block discount may be negotiable.

The fee to extend the course for one month is GBP 50 (plus Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom).

Fees are payable by electronic transfer to DDL’s bank account (details will be provided) or by debit or credit card payment (Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and Mastercard only).  

Our bank charges for electronic transfers outside the UK and unfortunately we need to pass on these additional charges.  The charge is GBP 7.  

Ordering courses

If you would like to order a course please fill in the online booking form with your name, your organisation (if applicable), email address, postal address and the course which you would like to take.  If your organisation is based in the European Union we will also need the company VAT number. For multiple orders please add a comment in the Comments box.

Once an order has been placed, an electronic invoice will be sent to you by email.  We are able to send paper invoices if requested.

Once payment has been received we issue the login details. 


For further details of courses please visit the Online Training section of our website.