Audit of Agreements

Does your organisation have numerous master agreements with different types of counterparties which have been negotiated by many different negotiators over the years? Are you able easily to identify the documents you have with special terms e.g. ratings downgrade event triggers and eligibility of collateral if ratings change? Have executed agreements been updated if your negotiation and credit policies have significantly changed? How often do you review this?

DDL can perform a review of your master agreements and collateral documents and extract the relevant data which you require. We work within the parameters you set out and all information is kept confidential. We would normally perform this function on an outsourced basis and we have a team of experienced associate negotiators whom we can call upon (depending on the size of the project) to review the documents and create or update a database with the details.

We have handled projects of this nature from a couple of hundred documents to many thousands over different timescales.