Formulation of Schedules or Annexes

Over the years DDL has regularly advised clients on the constituents of their template ISDA Schedules and Credit Support Annexes. We cover each clause in detail and advise clients of various alternatives seen in the market. In this way clients can decide on their main preference and possible acceptable fallbacks for a particular clause which might arise in negotiation with counterparties. DDL also advises on Annex and Schedule templates for repo and securities lending master agreements.

DDL provides this service to clients who are new to a market or those who want an overhaul or update for existing documentation templates.

Most clients have standard documentation templates which may vary depending upon the type of counterparty with whom they are negotiating. For example, clients are unlikely to agree the same terms with a bank and with a hedge fund or pension fund. This is often for credit or regulatory reasons.

DDL can help prepare templates to cover your various different counterparty types.