An Introduction to the European Master Agreement

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Half Day Course

  1. Background to the European Master Agreement.
  2. Goals of the European Master Agreement.
  3. Structure of the European Master Agreement. 
  4. Clause by clause analysis of the provisions and Annexes of the European Master Agreement.
  5. Comparison of the European Master Agreement with the Global Master Repurchase Agreement (2011) and the Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (2010).

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"The main idea when planning the seminar was to get legal advice on a special niche of the derivatives documentation business through legal training tailored exactly to the needs of our bank. This allowed us to cover all the topics needed in a one day seminar.

Everyone who joined the course very much enjoyed it and found it very helpful. The knowledge transfer was further ensured by the brilliant transcript which now helps us in our day to day work. The seminar was worth every penny and added real value. It is left for me to say, thank you for the great service, the good knowledge transfer and your willingness to step in our shoes to identify our problems and needs when preparing the seminar."

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