Future availability of our online training courses


Friday 31 March 2023

In January 2023 Derivatives Documentation Limited (“DDL”) decided to scale back its consultancy, negotiation and in-house and public training course activities leaving only its online training course business in place.

In addition DDL decided to offer its online training courses on a time limited basis as described below.

Currently DDL offers 8 long courses and 1 short course.

People licensing the long courses (30-40) hours have up to 4 months to complete them. People licensing the short course (the 2002 ISDA Master Agreement and English Law CSA for Credit Risk Officers) have up to 2 months to complete it.

An overview of each course may also be found by clicking on "find out more" under the relevant course title below.

Because of the online training long courses’ 4 month durations we will only be selling access to them until 30 June 2023 on the following basis:

  • All long courses must be ordered, paid for in full and have access issued by 30 June 2023. If payment is not received by 30 June 2023, a credit note will be issued and the relevant invoice cancelled.
  • We will only be offering demo access until 23 June 2023.
  • For existing courses we will not be able to issue one month extensions after 30 September 2023.
  • All courses must be completed by 31 October 2023.

At present our courses are all currently available and we hope you might consider taking them but please bear the above dates in mind when you are considering ordering an online course from us in June 2023.

Our courses

Since 2006 DDL has been providing online training courses in its specialist fields and currently we offer 9 different online courses which are listed below. 

These courses are modular and the long courses typically take 30-40 hours to complete.  Users are tested by answering multiple choice questions as they go through the courses and in most cases there is a practical negotiation exercise at the end.  If an answer is submitted, a score is given and a course completion certificate is issued.

ISDA Master Agreements

2002 ISDA Master Agreement

Find out more

1992 ISDA Master Agreement

Find out more

2002 ISDA Master Agreement and English Law CSA for Credit Risk Officers

Find out more

ISDA Collateral Documentation

2016 ISDA Credit Support Annexes for Variation Margin under English and New York Law

Find out more

2018 ISDA Credit Support Deed for Initial Margin under English Law

Find out more

ISDA Credit Support Annexes under English and New York Law

Find out more

Repo Documentation

Repos and GMRA 2011

Find out more

Repos and GMRA 2000

Find out more

Securities Lending Documentation

Securities Lending and the GMSLA 2010

Find out more

Please be advised that ISDA® documentation training courses provided by Derivatives Documentation Limited are not sponsored by or affiliated with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. ("ISDA®").