Securities Lending and the GMSLA 2000

Long course

DDL offers a web-based online distance learning course on Securities Lending and the Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (2000) (the “GMSLA 2000”). 

This e-learning course provides foundation knowledge in clear English on securities lending and the GMSLA 2000.

It provides:

  • an explanation of the securities lending product and its uses
  • a review of the legal and risk issues
  • a detailed commentary on the GMSLA 2000 and its Schedule.
  • a comparison between the 2000 and 2010 versions of the GMSLA

There are multiple choice questions throughout the course to test your knowledge.  You are only able to proceed with the training once the questions have been answered correctly.

At the end of the course is a GMSLA 2000 Schedule negotiation exercise which represents a practical opportunity to apply what you have learned.

Completed exercises are appraised by the Course Director who will provide you with a model answer and a certificate stating you have completed the course and the score you obtained.

The course should take 30-40 hours to complete.

Please be advised that this training course is not sponsored by or affiliated with the International Securities Lending Association.

Sample of Course

To try a demo of this GMSLA 2010 online training course including multiple choice questions, please complete the demo request form and we will send you login details to access the course demo. 

Target Audience

This course may be useful to practitioners in legal, compliance, documentation in the Securities Lending Markets, Capital Markets, Collateral Management and Fund Management. 

It could also be useful to people who are seeking a career change into the area of securities lending documentation and people who cannot afford the time to go to external training courses.

Advantages of this online training course

  • Expert tuition from a well-known trainer in this field.
  • You can learn at your own pace within a 4-month timescale rather than face possible information overload on a 1 day course. 
  • You can access the course at home, at work or anywhere you have internet access from a PC, tablet or mobile. 
  • Negotiation exercise to test the practical application of your knowledge.

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