DDL Online Training upgrades to include tablets and mobile phones


Since 2006 Derivatives Documentation Limited has been providing online training courses in our specialist fields of OTC derivatives and repo and securities lending. We currently we offer 8 different online courses and further details may be found in the Online Training section of our website.

Originally developed to provide an affordable training solution for banks, companies and individuals, these courses have been very popular and have been taken by people all over the world on their PCs.

Recent customer feedback has clearly shown that there is a demand for a version of these courses which can be accessed via tablets and mobile phones.

We are therefore pleased to offer you this new more flexible training platform which means that you can access your course at home, at work or anywhere you have internet access via a PC, tablet or mobile. We encourage you to try a demo as soon as possible. If you would like to do so, please complete the demo request form on our website.

Our courses continue to be in modular form and users are tested by answering multiple choice questions as they go through the courses and in most cases there is a practical negotiation exercise at the end.  If an answer is submitted, a score is given and a course completion certificate is issued.

Since June 2012 the cost of our long courses has been GBP 450 (+VAT if applicable).  We will maintain this rate until 1st September 2015 after which the cost of each long course will be GBP 500 (+VAT if applicable).  If you are considering ordering one or more of our online training long courses in the near future, it may be to your advantage to do so before 1st September 2015 in order to benefit from the current lower price.